Vincent Van Gogh mystery painting

About The Painting...

After two years of extensive research, we believe that this is an original uncatalogued Van Gogh ‘Collaboration’, and seek input to ultimately determine its fate.

The painting, Farmhouse with Barn and Well has suffered extensive damage throughout the years, as had several of Van Gogh’s paintings and were subsequently restored and placed onto panel.

Once authenticated as brushwork by the Dutch post-impressionist, cleaning & restoration are of paramount importance. ~  Until then, the painting, which is one in a series of Van Gogh collaborations must undergo scientific research. Click ‘learn more’ to reveal more about its provenance, and what has been gathered thus far. 

Comparable Brush Work, Color Palette, Signature and More.

Click on the pictured category boxes and compare the similarities with Vincent’s work and the painting in question (PIQ). 

Donations can be made through this site using Paypal as the secure processor, or via GoFundMe.

Van Gogh Cottage and Farmhouse Paintings


Learn more about Vincent's brush strokes and the similarities to painting in question.


All donations will go directly towards the analysis and research of this painting.


Experience some of the research carried out on Vincent's paintings.

Actual cottage photographs of where Vincent and Anton once lived, roamed, and painted. © 2021. All Rights Reserved with Regards to this Painting.
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