Commemoration of the 100th birthday of Vincent van Gogh.

Van Gogh Cottages and Farmhouse Photographs

commemorating the 100th birthday of Vincent van Gogh in his birthplace Zundert: Royal Commissioner Governor of Noord-Brabant prof. J. de Quay (accompanied by Vincent’s nephew, Vincent Willem Van Gogh) unveils a plaque at the house where he was born; impressions of the rural surroundings of Zundert, which inspired Van Gogh for the works of his Dutch period; several paintings. 

Credit: Polygoon-Profilti (producer) / Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (curator)

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Farm workers stand in front of a farm with a well in Genneken, S of Breda. Circa. 1910 - Photo Erp, A.T.A.J. van, collection BHIC, no. 1920-004901
farm on the Bergenshuizensestraat
Farm on the Bergenshuizensestraat Photo: Delleman-de Kort, Vera, collection BHIC, no.1923-005265
Zweeloo water well
Zweeloo Waterwell

The type of Cottages and farms below can be found all over where Vincent once roamed. He was an avid nature enthusiast and took his easel and paints throughout Nuenen and surrounding rural areas. Sometimes he would walk for hours just to capture a particular scene. – The images below are actual PHOTOGRAPHS and look similar to the painting in question. Vincent may well have ambled passed these cottages and possibly even painted them.

Many farmhouses had barns and water wells on the land, and many roofs were thatched. Sadly, as a result, many were susceptible to fires or have since been demolished for safety reasons or to make way for residential or business growth. 

These “human nests” as Vincent called them, played an integral part of his artistic growth. © 2023. All Rights Reserved with Regards to this Painting.
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