Van Gogh Brushstrokes

The brushstroke technique from the painting in question is very similar to the brushstroke technique and method of Vincent’s earlier works. 

Please look at some of Vincent’s brush strokes below, and compare them to the painting in question. Vincent painted rapidly, with great zest and vigor, which is almost certainly reflected in the image to the right.

As seen below, some brush swirls on the painting in question are almost identical to that of View of Paris, while others are reminiscent of his short brush strokes followed with a swish as in Hill of Montmartre with Stone Quarry. (They also resemble works Vincent painted with Anton Kerssemakers.)

The water well strokes from Farmhouse with Barn and Well are almost identical to the sailboat masts in The De Ruijterkade in Amsterdam. At the same time, Loom with Weaver, painted in 1884, reveals the same light green base color as used in many of Vincent’s paintings and the painting in question.

Van Gogh Brushstrokes
Painting in Question - Farmhouse with Barn and Well
Terrace in the Luxemburg Gardens and Farmhouse with Barn
Segments of Terrace in the Luxemburg Gardens and Farmhouse with Barn
View of Paris and Farmhouse with Barn and Well
View of Paris (L) Farmhouse with Barn and Well (R)
Van Gogh Spittende boerin
Spittende Boerin / Digging farmer's wife

I have been extremely fortunate over the past few years to have visited the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, The National Gallery in Washington DC, The National Gallery in London, The Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Barnes Foundation and more. All of which, have Vincent’s work on display.

I have devoted two years to examining Vincent’s brush stroke, as well as viewing x-rays, UV, Infrared and Raking Light images of his work and comparing them alongside Farmhouse with Barn and Well.

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