Van Gogh in Private Collections

With an emphasis on SIMILARITY.

Many of Vincent’s works that resemble Farmhouse with Barn and Well are now in Private collections; for example Pollard Willows (or Birches) painted in Arles, April, 1889 – SPECIFICALLY if you look at the edges!

The paint colors at the top edge of FWBAW are VERY similar to Pollard Willows – As is the green, yellow, brown, red, grey and so forth.


The edges (pics below) are part of a completely different painting hidden beneath—perhaps also trimmed down from a larger work, thus creating a completely new one. We know Vincent repainted over several dozen of his works.

Left edge of the painting
Top edge of the painting
Beach at Scheveningen in Calm Weather
Beach at Scheveningen in Calm Weather
Landscape with Pollard Willows/Birches 1884

If one examines these paintings closely, you can CLEARLY see a significant resemblance in paint, brush strokes and execution.

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